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4 Innovative Ways to Get Discovered as a Creative

4 Innovative Ways to Get Discovered as a Creative

Are you a creative wanting to leave your mark? In an increasingly digital world, taking your craft online may be the best way for you to get discovered. And here are four innovative ways to help you stand out from the crowd and reach a larger audience: 


If you’re thinking about taking your art and creativity to the next level and start making money from it, consider forming an LLC and becoming a full-fledged small business owner. By establishing a corporate structure for your new venture, you will be able to separate your personal and business finances, allowing you to pay yourself a salary and hire people when needed. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of pass-through taxation, and you’ll have an easier time finding investors as a business entity rather than as a solopreneur. So look for an online formation service so that you can form your LLC fast, easily, and inexpensively.    



As you try to gain followers and get your work out there, think about people from your past who may be able to help you get your business off the ground. If you’ve lost touch with old friends, acquaintances, and family members, use a search engine to look them up by name, school, or graduation year. Once you’ve made a connection, reintroduce yourself and catch them up on what you’ve been up to, sparking their interest by giving them a glimpse of your creations, and start growing your network by asking them for referrals. And once you start acquiring clients or selling your crafts to customers, ask them to leave a positive review online to start building trust in your products or services.     



Even if you don't have a social media manager in charge of your marketing strategy, you can easily create a Facebook ad yourself by using editable templates that let you include your own logo, branding, fonts, colors, and text, even if your computer skills are limited. Once you’re done, you can instantly download your eye-catching ad and use it to promote yourself on all your social media channels. Additionally, it’s a good idea to create a social media content calendar and figure out dates and times to release your ads and materials for your marketing campaign. Planning ahead will help you save time, and you’ll be more consistent when it comes to posting content, even during busy seasons.   



With so many creatives advertising their businesses and services online, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out from the pack and get noticed. So look for a company to help you design custom artwork that will showcase your creativity while boosting brand recognition. You can also keep your company name top-of-mind by providing insightful, valuable content to your followers on your social media channels. Be consistent with your use of fonts and colors whether you’re sending an email or an invoice, and make sure to include your logo in all your correspondence and social media posts as you build a name for yourself. 

In a market that’s more competitive than ever, position yourself at the top using innovative strategies. Market yourself through social media, reach out to old friends and acquaintances via the internet to grow your network, and be consistent with your branding. Your company will start getting recognized and you’ll be sure to attract followers.

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  • Truly inspiring! I hope to turn an idea I have into business soon.

  • Such a great article, really motivated me to get started!

  • Very helpful! This is just what I needed, thanks! 👏

    Ken R.

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